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Do You Follow Jesus This Close? It's More Than A Bumper Sticker!

During the Spring of 2020, we attended Rock School of Ministry and we created our Gift Shop as a way to raise funds for tuition. Despite pandemic and lockdown restrictions, we were able to graduate and our Gift Shop lives on to inspire our customers all around the world.

We were inspired by a bumper sticker that said "do you follow Jesus this close?" as a means to ward off tailgaters and we decided to create a few of our own.

We also have a product gallery where you might just see something else you like for yourself or as a gift for someone else. And we accept custom requests and can create samples before ordering large quantities. 

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What is Print-On-Demand?

In a nutshell, print-on-demand is when a product is created when/because someone orders it. We use this technique so we don't have to store large amounts of inventory and so we can create completely unique, one of a kind, personal products.

We work with several pioneers in the print-on-demand space as well as Shopify who provides almost everything else, except the actual products to sell.